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Why is a Great US Transcriptionist Important? I Will Tell You Why.

In this day and age, many professionals find the process of having their words transcribed in an accurate and detailed manner one of the toughest parts of their profession.  Many US professionals feel that off-shoring the audio for transcription is cost-effective, however the accuracy is lost due to the misunderstanding of the English language and […]

A 100 Watt Light Bulb Moment – Voice Mail – No Problem

Have your voice mail transcribe by a US owned and operated transcription company for the same cost as other companies (Service starts 4/1/2010).  Contact me now to set up your account! I have spent a lot of time marketing my transcription company and all the possibilities we can do for you.  I have added programs […]

A Transcriptionist’s Path…The Journey of a Woman in Business

I have not always been a transcriptionist/transcription company owner. When I was younger I thought how wonderful it would be to be a teacher.  Then I began to write and thought it would be wonderful to have my poetry published, and when I did, it was great but I had to be honest with myself […]

Follow, Friend, Connections…

I am positive that social media can keep us in touch with those we care about in a direct but less intrusive way than say a weekly coffee clutch with a family member/friend that after 5 minutes you wish you could show the door…I mean we love them but… I am positive that social media […]


In my business, confidentiality is a must.  I believe that all business has some areas of confidentiality that must be maintained. Recently I have come across individuals that feel everything in business should be known – legal, contractual, employment, etc.  At the same time they will state that legal, contractual and employment information should remain […]

Recruiting Clients and Projects.

For the months of October and November – new referrals – whether referred by another journalist already affiliated with CLK, or referred by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or this blog – will receive $5.00 off their first invoice of $15.00 or more.   If referred by a journalist already affiliated with CLK, that journalist will get the […]

A New Project

I love when a client- new or “seasoned” to CLK comes on and asks ‘Do you have time?’ I love it because it means work.  I love it because it means they have work.  I love it even more because it means I have the opportunity to take on their project – big or small […]

Your best is all you have…

I am amazed when people say “I can’t do this.” When trying something new, just give it your best shot – then you have given it your all and you did your best.  You did not fail. If you feel you CAN’T do something, to me it means you DON”T want to do something, because […]

I Love What I Do!!!

I started my road to a career the same as many people – Burger King – and went to Banking and Brokerage, to record management for Healthcare – to organizing small business offices to transcription.  All steps blended together well and I have to admit – I absolutely love what I do now. I love […]

Confidentiality. If you abuse it, are you willing to pay the price?

This is an important topic for me, as in my business, it means everything.  We transcribe what we hear, and generate a fine report for our clients, but if we were to take that information and announce it to the world, what would be the sense in bothering with returning to and billing the client […]