Happy Summer. What are you doing to enjoy it?

I realized it has been some time since I blogged, and many may actually be happy to know that since I do read better than I write, but still, a post should be made – at least that’s what the pros tell me.

So, here it goes.


What are you doing to enjoy the summer?


Whether you are spending it with family at home, away on vacation, taking care of the pesky outside household chores, or just counting down the days before school is back in – we want to know. We enjoy knowing that assisting with your transcription needs, allows you more time and money to enjoy those moments that make you happy. What have you been able to do, that transcribing your own documents would have interfered with?


Here at CLK Transcription, we are tag teaming the vacation time, so that we can enjoy the summer and still be here for your project. We love the summer projects and we love knowing we can help you love your summer that much more.


The team takes our moments to do things like fishing on Sunday, dance classes on Monday, soccer and football on Tuesday, movie matinée on Wednesday, shopping on Thursday, bingo on Friday, and pool time on Saturday – we remain open 7 days a week to assist with your project, so you can enjoy whatever it is you are looking forward to doing as well.


Don’t let the work interfere with your fun. CLK Transcription can handle your audio transcription, audio/video conversions, transcription time coding, hard copy conversions, PDF development, document scanning, and much more.


Have a happy, fun-filled summer, with lots of smiles, laughter, and activity, and don’t forget to share your favorite moments of the summer with us.



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CLK Transcription is recruiting new clients. How can we help you?

CLK Transcription is recruiting new clients once again.

Must want quality transcripts in a timely manner, at an affordable price, and want easy process of obtaining both.

UPOD, American Society of Journalists and Authors, Inc. (ASJA), and @freelancesuccess (#FLX) members are warmly welcomed.


We have been privileged to assist many authors, publishers, freelancers, educators, scholars, businesses/corporation, and laypeople with their transcription needs. From journalistic articles, to manuscripts, to doctorate interviews, to meetings and seminars, to IEPs, to medical reports, and even recipes and business cards – if you need it transcribed, converted, or scanned – CLK can do that.  We have even assisted with first edits on several short stories.


We offer time coding of the transcripts for those who may use the transcriptions for production of televised TV shows. No project too small or too large, and your special format is never a problem. Whether one speaker or multiple speakers, difficult or clear audio – same rate for all.


We have been acknowledged for our work on multiple TV shows with several production companies, as well as with some wonderful authors of best sellers and bloggers. Check out our website and LinkedIn for recommendations.


We also offer an easy call-in system to use for your interviews and meetings, making your phone the only equipment you will need to get that transcript completed. We can convert your video or other audio to MP3, convert your cassettes/DVDs/CDs/LPs to MP3, scan your hard copy documents, business cards, recipes, etc into a workable document/database or convert PDF to Word document making any edits you desire, transcribe your voice mail to text message, and so much more.


We offer a FTP folder for those who wish to store or share their project tools in a safe secure environment, but offer an assortment of methods to accept your project for development of your document. We also offer a “backup” email to mirror your own to have that backup when your email goes kerplunk, or just to use for those sites you need an email for but do not want the spam.

We work hard to find ways to make your job that much easier. We have assisted over 500 active clients with ongoing projects (more if you consider those with the one-time or short-term projects, or repeat clients with less of a need), and over 60 new clients (referrals) since 1/1/2012 alone, who have begun utilizing our services.

We have over 50 transcriptionists waiting to handle your project.   We take pride in our ability to work within your financial and timeline budgets, and have been accepted by several universities to assist with their Master’s/Doctorate programs, and freelance journalists who have extremely tight demands.


We are transcriptionists, and we love what we do! We never off shore and never use speech recognition. Try on-shoring instead.


Want to find out how CLK will save you time and money?


Check us out –

www.clktranscription.com or

http://www.facebook.com/CLKTrans or


and find out why we come highly recommended.