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Celebrating 18 Years!

It has been a wild ride, with many bumps along the way, but I am proud to be celebrating 18 years in business, doing what I love to do. Every day is an opportunity to ensure accurate and dependable information is shared, because we do not use generators to produce your work. We use your […]

How to handle those excessive Can You projects.

Do you work for free? I think we all do ‘favors’ for a friend every so often, without too much frustration, but what happens when your ‘friends’ ask for friendly favors that is actually work you get paid to do by others, and it becomes habitual? You know, the work you do every day hoping […]

10 Years of CLK Transcription, and Counting!

It has been a wonderful ride, and I ain’t ready to get off it yet! So many doubted I could do this. Grow a successful business as a single woman here in the Poconos. But here I am, this spoiled and determined want-to-know-it-all, standing with the best US transcriptionists across the country, doing exactly that. […]

A CLK Independent Contractor’s Story

I think I always knew deep down I was going to be a transcriptionist. Every time I saw one of those commercials (“Train and earn your degree in 9 months! Medical billing and coding, accounting, etc.”) when I saw transcription, I always kind of gave it a double-take. Probably a lot of those things were […]

Why do we do what we do?! Part 1

I always say, “We love what we do!” And it is true, and for a variety of reasons. Whether flexibility with being an independent contractor, the camaraderie of a team, or other reason that makes the job a right fit overall – it is always the work we do for others that keeps us here. […]

Interview tips you won’t find elsewhere

I have read so many blogs on great interview tips etc., here are some that I would love to have shared with potential candidates from my past. Yes, I have dealt with at least one of each.:   1. Be sure to clean your eye glasses. Having smudges or even mascara rubbed on them is […]

Repost because nothing has changed: Why I am not a journalist!

Originally posted 4/13/2010: I love to write. I love to do research. I love to read. So, why am I not a journalist?   Because your job is harder than mine.   You are given or come up with a topic. You work hard to find the right resources and work out a schedule to […]

As a journalist, do you ever have enough time?

As a journalist/writer, when you have a project that has been assigned, there are so many steps to get through to be able to develop the perfect article, the perfect end-product, that it’s a wonder you have enough time in the day to even think about them all. There are phone calls to make. Interviews […]

Consider the format you save your audio/video files when forwarding to your transcriptionist.

Although we here at CLK Transcription can handle all downloadable formats, some formats need converting before transcription, and others are so large they take time to download, log, and upload. For example: If you don’t need embedded time code, consider saving in mp3 format. Transfer speeds for video formats vary, and some can take a […]

End of the Summer. YEAH!

With the end of August we find schools are opening their doors and our children are back to the grind of books and learning, the cooler weather is coming and people are done with those warm weather vacations. I could not be happier, and I love summer heat. Why? Because this year has been the […]