Compensation Rates – Rates For Services

Payment may be made via credit card, check, echeck, money order, Dwolla, or


The demand for Transcription services is on the rise and will increase due to the medical demand of a growing and aging population.

Many physicians are off-shoring their dictations, or the company they currently use may off-shore their projects, which may save money on the quantity but the quality suffers due to language variables, etc. This also adds liability to confidentiality and noncompliance with HIPAA, etc.

Inquire whether your current transcription company is sending your project off shore – Then come to CLK where your project is never sent off shore – EVER.

When you hire CLK Transcription, Inc., we are based here in the US and can give you a fast turn around with improved quality, following HIPAA standards, and professional business’ privacy concerns.

We are compensated based on the following criteria: Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and/or Level of Difficulty, and size of project:

Rates are computed in a variety of different methods:

By the straight line,
By the 65 character line,
By the page,
By the project, or
By the minute of dictation.

All rates negotiated on an individual / project basis.

Contact Us for special educational rates for your master’s / doctorate and other educational based interviews and projects.

Typical TATs are within 12, 24, or 48 hours in most cases. Faster TATs are also available, such as 4-6 hours. Of course large projects may require a larger TAT. However, work is not held. When CLK completes your project, it is returned immediately. Your responsibilities are important to us. Every client is treated as our only client.

Confidentiality of your project is paramount and just as important as the project itself. Confidentiality Agreement is developed by CLK Transcription, Inc for every client. Additionally, your own Confidentiality Agreement / Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed in all instances.