A Transcriptionist’s Path…The Journey of a Woman in Business

I have not always been a transcriptionist/transcription company owner.

When I was younger I thought how wonderful it would be to be a teacher.  Then I began to write and thought it would be wonderful to have my poetry published, and when I did, it was great but I had to be honest with myself – not everyone likes poetry and my writing style is not polished and I did not have the patience to polish it in order to support myself and a family.  I still wanted to do those things, but had to understand how to do both in a way that was suitable for me and my skills.

My “career” path led me to try my hand at equestrian registration and monitoring, banking and brokerage, and health care – and then ultimately transcription.  I have not always been a transcriptionist/transcription company owner, but the path I took has assisted me in my journey and beyond.

I started in The Jockey Club many moons ago.  My first REAL job – registering thoroughbred horses for racing, and working on their export/import documentation.  During that time, while working my part-time job at a Burger King, I was approached by an employment agency executive and asked to apply for a position he had at Daiwa Securities America.  He told me he saw something in me that would make me shine.  (Thanks Mario S. for giving me a real shot.)  I LOVED it.  I worked my way up and held a position as assistant compliance/new accounts/registration administrator and got to know people from all over the world in all areas of business and finance.  The people were fantastic, the job was wonderful and educational, and I was respected for the work I did.

After an illness, I found myself in awe of the medical industry.  Not for the hands-on side.  I knew I did not have the talent for that.  I appreciate and hold great respect for those who have this gift, and a gift it is, but I could never do what they do.  But I do have a talent for organization, research, record management, and an eye for detail in documentation.  So I handled medical charts for home care agencies, handled their reconciliations of receipts/payments, scheduled home care workers…and again found that I loved the job.  It was while doing this that I found my mentors.

Barbara Rossoff and Michele Tiger of Omega Home Health Care taught me so much and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.  They allowed me to see that the one thing I wanted to do with my career was to own my own business and to do what I know I can do well – research and record management, utilize my skill for details and documentation.   I wanted to be a proud professional woman in business owning and running my own business.

Yes, there were jobs held consecutively and other jobs here and there that have given me the experience I needed to move on to my goal- and each one taught me more.  They were never medial to me. I took many continuing education courses, seminars, attended conferences, read everything I could get my hands on, on every topic I could think of…wanting to know something about everything…nothing was considered mundane or boring.  I wanted to explore the English language – the spoken word – the why and how they were used – the meaning of each one used individually and each one used with others in the thoughts of many.  I wanted to learn the many facets of documentation and the importance of the details that others require in their profession.  I worked hard to grow professional and personally.  I kept my goal in sight.

Now as a transcription company owner, I can use the path I took and each personal lesson learned along the way to better myself.  I can manage my own books and records.  I can organize my life, my office, and my home environment where it works best for me.  I can use the path to assist me with the transcriptions I do – the job I do,  to better what I offer my clients.

If I get an interview or conference or seminar with a topic on banking – I know where to start.  Health care or medical reports – I got that covered.  The details of the format requested and why it MUST be done the way it is requested.  The importance of documenting and detailing the words of others.  Everyday conversations about anything – it all means more to me.  I listen to the words and understand what is being said – not just each word spoken that forms a sentence.  I learned that what people say and HOW they say it are equally important.  And what I don’t know – I have the research skills to find it or the ability to admit that I can’t.  I know I have a base of professionals to guide me through the process and I know how to use the tools given me to do the best I can.

My path has led me to where I am today.  I pull from my path daily to attempt to give my clients the best product possible.

And teaching  is still with me.  I assist transcriptionists who are independent contractors, who have their dream and who have spent time and money to start their path in this wonderful career choice we have made.   I enjoy growing with them

The most important part of my path was the ability to understand that perfection is a dream and not a goal, so when I miss my mark, I work to improve and correct my steps, but I understand I will trip and sometimes fall.  My goal is to remember that and just do my best and get up and keep on learning during my journey.

My path may have begun in one direction and made many turns along the way – but each turn has created a new resting place for a bit of knowledge that I can go back and rely on, and the path has made the journey all that much more exciting. I am a proud professional woman in business.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Transcriptionist – it’s not just what I do – it is who I am!!!!!

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