CLK Transcription, Inc. was an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau but felt something that my direct recommendations from clients and independent contractors can give was much more honest than paying for it. View our recommendations and comments on LinkedIn or browse our Facebook Company page as noted on this website.

The Truth in Transcription

Many “big-national” transcription companies send your work to outside Independent Contractor (IC) Transcriptionists, and lead you to believe they are doing the work themselves, in their office. In doing so, they pay the transcriptionists less but charge you more for a profit margin to cover the overhead costs of running their business.

Oftentimes, they offshore your work to a foreign country, that regrettably do not have the same laws regarding confidentiality as we do here in the USA.

Transcription companies receive your work, send it out, and then hold on to it until your TAT is approaching. At CLK, we handle your work as soon as possible and return it to you when completely transcribed and proofed. Therefore, if your TAT is 48 hours, and it is complete in 6 hours, you have your work back.

For each client a profile is developed explaining format, style, and details that you forward to us when we set up your account. CLK and the in-house staff are primary on all accounts set up, however several IC transcriptionists may be trained to handle your account as backups and proofreaders. This allows your quality to remain fluid with every report, and allows a quicker TAT for every single submission. All IC Transcriptionists sign a confidentiality agreement BEFORE they begin work on any project.

CLK is committed to keeping your work here in the USA. Your clients deserve the privacy enacted by HIPAA. When medical records / company information is sent off-shore, the possibility of identify theft is more than doubled. The American IC is held to confidentiality and privacy laws.

They are trained and understand the English language better than anyone, leaving less room for grammar errors, and they have the drive to complete your document in a professional manner the first time.

We understand that you are working with budgets and financial constraints yourself. We will negotiate any rate to meet your needs.

CLK believes that if you appreciate the quality of the work you receive, you will continue to come back for their services. The best form of advertising is referrals.

CLK acknowledges the experience and dedication an IC Transcriptionist puts into your work. If an IC Transcriptionist is utilized, they are compensated fairly for the work they do for each individual assignment. This ensures that they will develop quality work and be available for more.

Want to know what the IC Transcriptionists are saying about the work they love to do? Search the Transcriptionist Forums online. They are unhappy and feel they are underpaid by the big “Nationals” that are growing rapidly. When your transcriptionist is unhappy, your work suffers. CLK strives to keep the IC’s as happy as the client they deal with.

Try CLK, you will not be disappointed.