I Love What I Do!!!

I started my road to a career the same as many people – Burger King – and went to Banking and Brokerage, to record management for Healthcare – to organizing small business offices to transcription.  All steps blended together well and I have to admit – I absolutely love what I do now.

I love the idea of organizing my time, managing my work flow, and learning new things everyday.  I love being able to offer quality work, wow the client, and be able to know I am helping someone in their career as well.

I have had the opportunity to transcribe round table discussions, conference (days long), one on one interviews, medical reports, even resumes.  And the topics – WOW – from financial to parenting to sex education.

I have trained individuals to transcribe and enter this wonderful field and have seen many move on because it was not for them.

Everyday I learn more about myself, about other people, and about “things”.  Just anything.  Because I am a want to know it all – I want to know everything I can about whatever it is I hear.  And I love to teach others and help them find the fun in their workload as well.

So I love what I do – and I wouldn’t want to do anything else – just more of it.   I look forward to tomorrow and what new “adventure” it brings.

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