A Transcriptionist’s Tale, by Amanda Friday…

When I was younger, my parents always teased that I would never be able to find a job that I could do in my pajamas. I didn’t get into the transcription business because of that, but it definitely has become a running joke over the years! I have been a medical transcriptionist since 2007. I graduated from the Career Step program, which I found invaluable. I don’t know of any general transcription training course, as with general transcription you receive any kind of report under the sun, but for medical transcription I definitely recommend it. There is so much to learn language wise, procedure wise, pharmaceutical wise that jumping into it headfirst would be a detriment to your productivity. That is, if you could even find a job without that training in the first place!


After five years of medical transcription, I found myself getting burned out. I was sick of the medicalese and doctors dictating procedures or exam findings at the speed of light. Just because they say it a million times a day didn’t mean I knew what they were saying! It was a real struggle to make the short “commute” down the hallway to my home office every day, knowing I had the same kinds of reports as the day before to look forward to.


On top of starting to dread working, my largest account was sent overseas, causing my income to drop dramatically. I think offshoring American medical records, or anything that relates to American jobs, is just criminal. The complete lack of responsibility that these companies have towards their American employees is a travesty. To be fair, my company fought tooth and nail to keep my account in the US, but in the end money won out, as it usually does, and boom. Account gone. Practically overnight.


Staying home has been such a luxury as it affords me more time with my family. My husband works an odd schedule and without my working at home, I would see him one weekend a month. We don’t have children yet, but look forward to not having to pay any childcare costs, which are skyrocketing. My husband is the only one that commutes into work, so gas payments are down and the wear and tear really only occurs on one vehicle instead of two. I knew I didn’t want to work outside the home, but I felt my options were limited and I may have to reenter the outside workforce.


I looked into general transcription and am so glad that I did. It’s a joy to no longer type physical examinations and laboratory results! Every report I’ve accepted through CLK Transcription has been something different. Work is exciting and challenging, but in a good way! I can honestly say that I have learned something from every single report I have transcribed for CLK. And the flexibility CLK allows is tremendous.


In addition to transcription work, I also narrate and produce audio books so I need to be able to manage my time efficiently. With CLK, it’s a breeze to meet audio book deadlines, as I am not tied to my desk. If I’m feeling behind on my recordings, no problem. I just don’t sign in that day. No muss, no fuss. It’s fantastic. I feel incredibly blessed to have found CLK Transcription. I couldn’t be happier to be working with CLK and look forward to many, many more years!


Amanda Friday