A New Project

I love when a client- new or “seasoned” to CLK comes on and asks ‘Do you have time?’

I love it because it means work.  I love it because it means they have work.  I love it even more because it means I have the opportunity to take on their project – big or small – and beat a challenge.

Whether it is the 5 minute audio “I need back before noon”, or the 8 hour project “I need back in four days.”  I look at the work already waiting to be done (actually in progress, rarely ever work just hanging out.) and I see what is coming and get a bit nervous, but always accept the challenge.  I have yet to let myself down – thus not letting my client down.

Have I ever blown a TAT – yes I have.  And it is hard to admit, but I have.  However more times than not  – I have beaten them.  (Been some time now since a blown TAT came out of my company.  Lose one client because of one blown TAT and you learn real quick.)  Partly because I have organized my schedule much better when taking on work and projects, partly because of the wonderful team I have with CLK.  Put those two things together and we make magic.

So, when I got the call from a West Coast journalist asking if I can handle a quick turn around on several interviews on an ongoing basis coupled with the Midwest University’s project of multiple hours of audio to be transcribed – I jumped and accepted both.

This means great things – they have work, I have work, and my team has work.  Once again, we get to show our stuff and pat ourselves on the back when done and then get right back to the next new project and deadline.

I have to say, there is nothing like the US Transcriptionist.  We enjoy our family, our friends, our contacts – but mostly we enjoy our work.

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