Recruiting Clients and Projects.

For the months of October and November – new referrals – whether referred by another journalist already affiliated with CLK, or referred by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or this blog – will receive $5.00 off their first invoice of $15.00 or more.   If referred by a journalist already affiliated with CLK, that journalist will get the same $5.00 off their next invoice.

I am constantly recruiting new clients and projects.  Being a hyper small to midsized business owner with aspirations to become a larger sized business owner, it is a necessary thing to do.   It is also necessary to remain competitive as well as keep my rates low, so I resort to the marketing strategies that I have learned from the very clients that I service.

When transcribing for them I learn so much – from round table discussions on the most current medical research and oncology, to how plastic bottles may not be good for your child, to how best to use social media to grow your business.

When we transcribe, we do not only type what we hear, but we try to understand what we are hearing as well so that the final transcript makes sense and is not just a garbled mess of words spoken by a fast talking, false starter, hesitant thinking, bad connection, low volume speaker.   Some projects take a bit longer due to quality of audio, but the added bonus is we learn from it as well.

Do we make errors?  Yes.  Regrettably we do.  But we learn from them as well.  And we always take the criticism just as graciously as we take the recommendations.  I did not have to admit that – but I did…We may not be perfect but we are one of the best US transcription companies out there.

So, I am recruiting new clients and projects again. To grow, to learn, and to assist.  New clients must want quality transcripts.  Must have audio that ranges form 1 minute to 10 hours or more.  Must have audio that ranges from clear to difficult on a range of subjects – and yes, ESL speakers are fine.  Must have tight TATs or room to breath TATs.  PDF conversions are fine too.  We even do voice mail!

Must be willing to be communicated with throughout the project if necessary.  And most of all must want to have their transcripts done for less in most cases, and quickly to help you meet your deadline.

So I repeat – For the months of October and November – new referrals – whether referred by another journalist already affiliated with CLK, or referred by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or this blog – will receive $5.00 off their first invoice of $15.00 or more.   If referred by a journalist already affiliated with CLK, that journalist will get the same $5.00 off their next invoice.

Now some may say $5.00 doesn’t seem like a lot of money – but in today’s market $5.00 is quite a bit of money for those of us who understand a dollar saved here and a dollar saved there is money in the bank.  And saving money on our already reasonable rates and getting a service that saves you time is priceless.

Want to know more about CLK?  Visit, or you may view our recommendations at  We are also on Twitter @clk_shortcake and Facebook CarolLee Streeter Kidd.

Contact me for details.  We can start your project – big or small immediately.  And remember to mention where you heard about us and save even more.

Happy Fall everyone.  Hope to speak with you soon and possibly assist you with your transcription needs.

A New Project

I love when a client- new or “seasoned” to CLK comes on and asks ‘Do you have time?’

I love it because it means work.  I love it because it means they have work.  I love it even more because it means I have the opportunity to take on their project – big or small – and beat a challenge.

Whether it is the 5 minute audio “I need back before noon”, or the 8 hour project “I need back in four days.”  I look at the work already waiting to be done (actually in progress, rarely ever work just hanging out.) and I see what is coming and get a bit nervous, but always accept the challenge.  I have yet to let myself down – thus not letting my client down.

Have I ever blown a TAT – yes I have.  And it is hard to admit, but I have.  However more times than not  – I have beaten them.  (Been some time now since a blown TAT came out of my company.  Lose one client because of one blown TAT and you learn real quick.)  Partly because I have organized my schedule much better when taking on work and projects, partly because of the wonderful team I have with CLK.  Put those two things together and we make magic.

So, when I got the call from a West Coast journalist asking if I can handle a quick turn around on several interviews on an ongoing basis coupled with the Midwest University’s project of multiple hours of audio to be transcribed – I jumped and accepted both.

This means great things – they have work, I have work, and my team has work.  Once again, we get to show our stuff and pat ourselves on the back when done and then get right back to the next new project and deadline.

I have to say, there is nothing like the US Transcriptionist.  We enjoy our family, our friends, our contacts – but mostly we enjoy our work.

Your best is all you have…

I am amazed when people say “I can’t do this.”

When trying something new, just give it your best shot – then you have given it your all and you did your best.  You did not fail.

If you feel you CAN’T do something, to me it means you DON”T want to do something, because your best is all that is asked.  Let others decide that they don’t want you to accomplish your best in the future, but it is up to them to decide that.

So give everything your best shot and no matter what the outcome is, it is your best and you have succeeded.  If your best is not the desired output for others, that is fine – accept it and move on. Their best may not be desirable for you either.

Be honest with yourself and others – either you will give everything your best and succeed every time, or you really didn’t want to try it at all.

I Love What I Do!!!

I started my road to a career the same as many people – Burger King – and went to Banking and Brokerage, to record management for Healthcare – to organizing small business offices to transcription.  All steps blended together well and I have to admit – I absolutely love what I do now.

I love the idea of organizing my time, managing my work flow, and learning new things everyday.  I love being able to offer quality work, wow the client, and be able to know I am helping someone in their career as well.

I have had the opportunity to transcribe round table discussions, conference (days long), one on one interviews, medical reports, even resumes.  And the topics – WOW – from financial to parenting to sex education.

I have trained individuals to transcribe and enter this wonderful field and have seen many move on because it was not for them.

Everyday I learn more about myself, about other people, and about “things”.  Just anything.  Because I am a want to know it all – I want to know everything I can about whatever it is I hear.  And I love to teach others and help them find the fun in their workload as well.

So I love what I do – and I wouldn’t want to do anything else – just more of it.   I look forward to tomorrow and what new “adventure” it brings.

Confidentiality. If you abuse it, are you willing to pay the price?

This is an important topic for me, as in my business, it means everything.  We transcribe what we hear, and generate a fine report for our clients, but if we were to take that information and announce it to the world, what would be the sense in bothering with returning to and billing the client at all

Our client’s work would be a waste of time.

Some think the word and the meaning behind it is a legal play to cover-up whatever they are not entitled to know.  Some hear the word confidential and think it makes what they know worth more to others and are willing to sell it for a price. Others hear the word and find ways to turn information into rumors, using it to personally sway the thoughts of others to one side or another, not allowing a fair opinion be developed on the issues.  And then, well, some just don’t think at all.

If taking a position where confidentiality is expected, even without a document stating so, use common sense that the information is confidential due to the consequences of incomplete, inaccurate information being leaked, or the leakage of confidential material being the destruction of someone else’s work – just to get started.

Just because you know something, doesn’t mean it is your responsibility to share this information with others.

So, before you share, care.  Think about what the outcome will be when speaking on an item that belongs – yes belongs – to someone else.

It is not secret.  It is not a cover-up.  It is a matter of business.  It is a matter of responsibility.  It is a matter of morality.  It’s a matter of professionalism.

Confidential information is confidential for a reason.  Spilling the beans could and most often does, have some sort of monetary recourse for everyone involved.  Are you willing to pay the fee?

At CLK Transcription, we offer every client, from the student to the journalist to the corporations, a confidentiality agreement.   We also deal with clients who understand the importance of confidentiality and respect the meaning themselves.
We believe that if you don’t respect your own work, how will anyone ever respect yours.

Doctors, Pharmacists and Medications – Oh My…

I started my business with medical transcription, and prided myself in the deep knowledge and love of the pharmacy – medications.  I didn’t have it in me to attend school for medicine, but I love research and education regardless.  I have since moved on to love my non-medical clients and workload even more because I found it broadens my chances of learning even more on many more topics.

But I digress.

Recently a very close friend of mine and I were talking about the medications he was on.  All for heart condition and diabetes more or less – cholesterol, triglycerides etc.  We were also talking about how his blood values were not changing after all the lifestyle changes he had done over the years and he was tired etc.  Being a typical male, he just went through day by day not thinking about why, instead just being frustrated and aggravated.

Then one day on the news he saw a broadcast about one of his medications.  It stated simply – ‘Zetia should be taken at night’.  That got him thinking, hence our talk.   When we did research together into his medications we found some other very important items that he should consider – one – that his Welchol should not be taken with any other medication at all.  Now mind you – he had been taking all his medications as directed as far as dosing, but all together at one time.  Why?  Because the doctors never told him any different.

And each time he went to the doctor for blood work, and to complain about tired, achy bones et cetera, never once did they mention any of this.

I have to ask – how many people read those inserts that come with their medicine?  I know all I read is the reactions/interactions portion.  I trust my doctor to tell me, and in fact mine does, but apparently, some just figure we read the inserts on when to take and even food interactions.  For example, did you know grapefruit should not be eaten or drank by those on many heart medications?

Now my friend has gone to the pharmacy and spoke with the pharmacist who was able to work with him to get a schedule that fits his lifestyle to better manage his medications.  Will this make a difference in his blood work values?  Who knows.  But as it is, the medications he was taken all at one time needed to be split up so that he was taking his meds as prescribed, but at different times per day.

Already he is feeling empowered by the knowledge that something has changed and there is a chance things will change in his blood work as well.

I am just wondering, with all the talk about health care reform – if better management and instruction to the patients that already have insurance is going to be included?  Because that alone can save money and lives.

As for my friend – I will update when the results of his next tests come back.  It should be interesting…

Update:  After several months on the new schedule taking his medications as prescribed, but with the additional knowledge of interactions, et cetera, the blood values have improved and so has his feeling of tiredness and achiness.  The most interesting thing I have noticed is that upon speaking to his doctors about his medications, they are each only concerned with what THEY have prescribed and not how they may interact with meds prescribed by other specialists and the schedule for taking the individual doses prescribed.  This has to change – for him and for everyone.  It not only saves money, but saves a lifestyle and lives of so many people when the doctors take the time to work together for the good of the patient.

Applause for the Everyday?

I attend many events and functions in my gated-not-for-profit administration/board of directors-run-community and found that there is a pattern going on and I am not so sure I like it.

The employees/directors are applauded for the work they do.  No I am not talking about praise, pay, or even bonuses – I am talking about during meetings they are applauded.

Now I have to say, I do not do this.  I feel they are paid for the work they do, they receive benefits and bonuses, why should I clap?

I have been admonished for not clapping.   Why?  I thank them when I see them.  I make public comments on how hard they work.   Why should I applaud them for doing their job?  No one applauds me.

I am the same with volunteers. I mean we volunteer and that becomes what we do.  I don’t expect applause, why give it out.  Now don’t get me wrong, if an extraordinary measure is taken I will gladly stand up and applaud – but I save that special praise for the extraordinary – like our troops.  Our policemen and firemen..and even private citizens who make positive change in a very large way.

Is it rude that I do not applaud vigorously even when I give my thanks and praises verbally?  To be honest, in this economy, I should be applauded for being a part of the reason they have a job.

With all this clapping going on – lights could be going on and off all around us – clap on, clap off.


So here is my question.  Should people be applauded for doing what they were hired to do?  And if we should applaud, then shouldn’t we be able to also jeer them when the job is done poorly?