When you consider a transcription company to handle you audio files, consider CLK Transcription. So many others have.

CLK Transcription is a US based and operated transcription company.

We do not use speech recognition. We feel nothing beats the human ear when listening to your audio.

We do not offshore your work, but we do service the world and enjoy the ESL speakers as well.

CLK Transcription has transcribed audio on topics from:

Asia to Zimbabwe, ailments to cures, accounting to banking to foreclosure, citrix to cloud computing to firewalls, family to friends, medicine to holistic remedies, roller-coasters and amusement parks to babysitting and working from home, and so much more.

Including medical office notes, op notes, H&P, and lab notes for all medical specialties.

Educational clients to include doctorate interviews to IEP’s to class lectures.

We even transcribe your voice mail, convert audio, convert PDF and white paper, and so much more.

We have clients that are businesses, radio bloggers, bloggers, authors, editors, journalists, magazines, publishers, doctors, lawyers, parents, teachers, and students.

We offer every client a confidentiality agreement.

Find out why we come highly recommended. www.clktranscription.com

Let us help you find the time and money you’ve been looking for. We can start any project immediately.

We love what we do!

Join us on the social networks and stay up to date on new services, programs, and events.

Twitter = @CLK_Shortcake

Facebook = http://www.facebook.com/CLKTranscription

Check out our references on LinkedIn = http://www.linkedin.com/in/clktranscription

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