The Check is in the Mail Economy

I am tired of this “check is in the mail” economy struggle.

My clients have work.  I have plenty of work.  My IC’s have plenty of work, and we are diligent in our invoicing and billing.  We work hard and generate the income.  But when the check is in the mail economy rears its ugly head every month, it makes taking care of our own very difficult.

That money we had saved has been used to cover expenses.  That 401K has become grocery money for many.  The only market we check out is the grocery market.

All because of the check is in the mail economy.

If all of the checks in the mail were to show up tomorrow, we all may just be able to pay our mortgage, buy our groceries, take care of our utilities and other bills, and possibly put a little back into our 401K or other retirement plan.

Until then, when the phone rings and it is our credit card company or other bill calling us – we just tell them that we are working hard, we are cutting costs, we are eating macaroni and cheese five nights a week and the other two its eggs (they come in bulk you know – 12 in a carton) and that because of our wonderful economy we have a legitimate excuse – the check is in the mail and we are waiting for it too!!

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    Please don’t tell me I owe you money. LOL

    I hear you loud and clear. I haven’t paid myself since April 2009 not because I don’t have income on the books, but because I can’t get anyone to freakin’ pay with any timeliness. Cash flow is horrible and my only salvation was to stop paying myself and build up a big enough reserve in the checking account to weather all these late payers.

    • clktranscription331
      clktranscription331 says:

      LOL. This is pretty much about me too. I have had to tell my ‘girls’ that the check is in the mail – late. They are a wonderful group pf girls and work so hard, but especially around tax time, it is hard for all of us. They have dealt with it, I have dealt with it, and you (my clients) have dealt with it.

      It is a trickle down, and I totally understand, however, there are a few great but slow paying clients that keep me in the red month to month. My amazement is that these are mostly larger corporate clients and doctors taken on the assumption that their payments will keep me in the black.

      The dilemma is how do you turn down work when there is outstanding invoices when you know they will pay, just slow, and it is still generating income.

      And face it, this month especially is tough for everyone.

      Paycheck? I don’t see them anymore – money in – mortgage out!!!! I have resorted to Ebay for the collectibles I have accumulated through the years – serves two purposes – gets rid of clutter and helps with the finances.

      No, I certainly would not have blogged like that with all my truly wonderful clients able to see it. Consider it venting two days after Uncle Sam came with his hand out.

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