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Transcription is not just for medical reports. ( #ASJA, #NASW, #UPOD, #APH, #AHCJ, #FreelanceSuccess, #FLX )

CLK Transcription, Inc. is a USA-Based and Operated Transcription Company. We do not offshore any project (whole or part) and we do not use speech recognition software. We transcribe for journalists, writers , authors and publication and production companies covering a wide range of topics; from health, economics, family, ecology, and so much more. We […]

I am going to be an Oma again!

When my first grandson was born, nearly 10 years ago, I was going through so many emotions. Happiness because he is an angel from the moment he took his first breath. Worry – is my son ready to be a daddy? Will he be able to handle everything that comes with being a dad? He […]

Happy New Year, 2013

2012 for some – for many – may be considered a year of  the bag of angry tricks, the year where we just want to forget everything. So many affected by fires, storms, and more storms, fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, and violence that when attempting to look back at 2012 in any way other than […]

Got audio? CLK can do that! Try on-shoring instead, get quality, and save time and money.

CLK Transcription, Inc. is a USA-Based and Operated Transcription Company. We do not offshore any project (whole or part) and we do not use speech recognition software. We have expertise in all specialties of the medical profession: Oncology, Orthopedics, Hematology, Pediatrics, Infectious disease, Rheumatology, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Radiology, Physiatry, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Chiropractic, Clinical […]

Thank you to @CityofRockHill during Storm cleanup in NEPA

I have been given permission to share this thank you sent to City of Rock Hill SC for their help during aftermath of Sandy.   I believe when someone does something right, it needs to be repeated, over and over again, and support to those businesses, and individuals be given for their help, great service, […]

Like this is you agree – no wait, don’t do that! Or should you?

I cannot say enough how much I dislike picture posts for different Causes telling me to “Like” to show support, etc.  If I like or I think my connections will like, you will know. I will repost, retweet, link – everything I can. It is my choice. But if you share these posts, have you […]

Professional courtesy and why it is important – at least to me.

I find myself everyday, at least once, wondering where the professional courtesy that I grew up understanding has gone. In listening to colleagues and fellow professionals, I realize this is not a new phenomena.  Everyone has encountered it at least once in their professional lives. Having general personal courtesy, or the lack of it, is […]

CLK Teammate: Army Wife, Mother, Transcriptionist and Tupperware Consultant

  My name is Kersten Santoleri and I am a transcriptionist, mom, army wife, and Tupperware Consultant. I love what I do.       Both of my jobs allow me to stay at home with my daughter who is 19.5 months old. So, when there are field exercises, TDY trips, my daughter is sick, […]

It is always nice to hear that you did a good job! Don’t you think?

Below is a wonderful blurb developed by a client about CLK Transcription. Things like this make my day! “About CarolLee Streeter Kidd, president of CLK Transcription and her company…You may have worked with numerous transcription companies over the years, but there is only one CarolLee Streeter Kidd. CarolLee is the hardest working woman you will […]

Why I work with newbies…they all have a story and it ends with a desire to do the job.

I first started utilizing “newbies”, because I found that they are the ones who have spent thousands of dollars to get the education to do the job, only to find it difficult to find the work (without of course the usual two to five-year minimum experience) because so much of our work was being off […]