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Happy Summer. What are you doing to enjoy it?

I realized it has been some time since I blogged, and many may actually be happy to know that since I do read better than I write, but still, a post should be made – at least that’s what the pros tell me. So, here it goes.   What are you doing to enjoy the […]

CLK Transcription is recruiting new clients. How can we help you?

CLK Transcription is recruiting new clients once again. Must want quality transcripts in a timely manner, at an affordable price, and want easy process of obtaining both. UPOD, American Society of Journalists and Authors, Inc. (ASJA), and @freelancesuccess (#FLX) members are warmly welcomed.   We have been privileged to assist many authors, publishers, freelancers, educators, […]

CLK has what it takes to “know” what you need in a transcriptionist. To not just type what we hear, but to “know” what we transcribe.

When you have an audio you need transcribed, you need to know that skilled professionals are handling your project as if it were their own and that they “know” what they are transcribing. Sending your interview to a medical transcription company may not be the best route to go. The same can be said about […]

Are you a writer/producer/author/CEO/parent/scholar/physician struggling with your budget? Time is money too!

CLK Transcription truly understands the struggles for time and money that any writer has. We have worked with over 500 journalists, authors, ghost writers, scholars, and educators – even corporations in dealing with their budgets. We understand the needs of maintaining cost effectiveness and time constraints that everyone has. Whether they need to stay within […]

What are they saying about CLK Transcription?

When someone asks me about my company, I know what I say: CLK will save you time and money. CLK has an awesome team of US transcriptionists, ready to take on your project. CLK offers a confidentiality agreement to every client they assist. CLK has no minimum or  maximum project requirement, and there is no […]

CLK Transcription’s clients say we ROCK! Yes we do, and here is why!

I am always praising my team, and many may think it is just to tout my company. Many others know nothing could be farther from the truth. I could easily just continually send accolades about the work my company does, or that I oversee – but I know without my team – nothing is possible. […]

A crusade for the American medical transcriptionist – what has to be done to keep our jobs?

I have been doing what I do for a very long time now, and over the past ten years have seen more and more of the work I, and so many others, could be doing being sent overseas. Why? At first, and still some now, I and many others in my profession thought it was […]

What’s new at CLK? I found some time and money!

After many years of handling the website of CLK myself, I finally realized the best route to go this time was to bring on a professional to review, work with me, and clean up and update everything. I am not sorry I did it. They say you have to spend a little to make a […]

At least once in your life you could have used a great transcriptionist! Did you find it at the grocery store?

I get asked all the time, “who needs transcription services besides doctors and lawyers?’ I am always amazed at the amount of “wow, I hadn’t thought of that” responses that I get when I tell them. At one time or another everyone needs transcription so they can have an electronic copy to edit, share and […]

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! Do you need more time?

Just when you think you have it all figured out and get into that groove of starting and completing your projects, the holidays sneak up on you, not to mention the end of the year, preparing for taxes and possibly new marketing of your own.  There just isn’t enough hours in the day, days in […]