CLK Teammate: Army Wife, Mother, Transcriptionist and Tupperware Consultant


My name is Kersten Santoleri and I am a transcriptionist, mom, army wife, and Tupperware Consultant. I love what I do.




Both of my jobs allow me to stay at home with my daughter who is 19.5 months old. So, when there are field exercises, TDY trips, my daughter is sick, or I have a doctor appointment, I can just re-arrange my schedule to fit my personal life. It really is the best thing. Working from home will change your life, it allows me to put my true priorities before all else.




Working for CLK Transcription has been a great opportunity, the staff is awesome, and the hours are your own, it’s a great company to work for.




Working for Tupperware is just an additional way to supplement your income, make some extra cash, meet new people, have fun new parties, etc. You could have the life that you want, and you could start today.




I would love to be your Tupperware Consultant. If you are looking for someone, please contact me.




When you think of Tupperware most people think of the containers that you throw leftovers into, you can get at the dollar store even…Tupperware is so much more than that. We have all the products you can imagine and more.




We have kids products, storage items, containers, bowls, pots, pans, Holiday themed items, cooking utensils, kitchen ware, cutlery, classic cooking ware, bowl sets, and tons more.




Come check us out today. You can host an online party with your friends or you can just order from my online site.



My contact information:
(225) 283-9044
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(Material submitted by K. Santoleri, and edited for format only)

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