Happy New Year, 2013

2012 for some – for many – may be considered a year of  the bag of angry tricks, the year where we just want to forget everything.

So many affected by fires, storms, and more storms, fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, and violence that when attempting to look back at 2012 in any way other than a big downer, the images are blurred. The good stuff that we may have experienced is so overshadowed, that we are left with nothing more than wanting 2013 to start and for all of us to get further along with rebuilding, memorializing, and just plain moving on.

Although we have had good things – great opportunities, great goals met, great personal and / or financial growth – we won’t remember them as vividly as we remember the images we awoke to at various times of the year.

My hope for 2013 is that the rebuilding can be complete. Whether it is rebuilding your home, your dream, your faith, or your goals, and that as we get closer to 2014, we all have memories of exciting, pleasant, wonderful things, struggles defeated and milestones met.

Happy New Year, 2013

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