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Happy New Year 2015 from CLK Transcription

Goodbye 2014 – Welcome 2015      CLK Transcription has had another wonderful year. 2014 was filled with wonderful recognition for CLK Transcription’s work that can be found in books, magazines, and production credits, with many of our clients winning awards, including an EMMY – how cool is that!?! Yes, CLK Transcription was acknowledged for work […]

Preparing for a New Year as a Small Business

Are you ready for the New Year? It isn’t just about parties and champagne when you own a small business. For a small business, in most cases, being ‘ready’ also means: Closing out the accounting for the year, Organizing and filing away the previous year’s records, Developing 1099s, W2s, and final quarter tax reporting, Reviewing […]

Why should you care about your medical dictation being sent off shore?

  Your medical information dictated by medical professionals includes: Social history – including how many alcoholic beverages you drink and where you work and live; family history – including how many siblings, health of your family; past medical history – including surgeries, illnesses; medication history – including every medication you have taken and are currently […]

Ask an American Transcriptionist – they will tell you a story or two.

Wondering why, with all these “money”, “economy”, “employment” articles I am transcribing, I don’t see more about the field that is hit hardest by off-shoring, the field that most people never think of as important, but more people/corporations/doctors use it than probably any other ‘vendor’, the one where those who off-shore the work know it […]

Friends don’t let friends…

Friends don’t let friends make hasty decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Friends don’t let friends speak without thinking first. Friends don’t let friends take action on an idea that will hurt more rather than help a few. Friends don’t let friends react without knowing the repercussions. Friends don’t worry how a […]

Spring is finally here!

The weather is changing, and it looks like Spring has finally arrived in more than just a few states. Those of us in the Northeast thought it would never arrive with snow, snow and more snow, and then teasing temps in the 60s and 70s, only to have yet more snow the next day. Yes, […]

Professional courtesy and why it is important – at least to me.

I find myself everyday, at least once, wondering where the professional courtesy that I grew up understanding has gone. In listening to colleagues and fellow professionals, I realize this is not a new phenomena.  Everyone has encountered it at least once in their professional lives. Having general personal courtesy, or the lack of it, is […]