I am going to be an Oma again!

When my first grandson was born, nearly 10 years ago, I was going through so many emotions. Happiness because he is an angel from the moment he took his first breath. Worry – is my son ready to be a daddy? Will he be able to handle everything that comes with being a dad? He left college to take the responsibility by the horns – because deep down he knew he was going to be a single parent. It may not have been the ‘right’ decision at the time, but it has proven to be the best decision for my grandson.

Life changed for my son, and he has been a wonderful father, a single father who went from sole custody for years to fighting the system to retain custody, to knowing his son ain’t going nowhere and won’t be in harm’s way any more – at least as long as he can help it. And my grandson flourishes.

But it has been difficult. I have tried to help as much as I can, and although at times I may feel like I did too much, and probably did, I know my son appreciated it.

But again, it has been difficult for him. He had little or at times, no life outside of work and his son. Then a little over a year ago he reconnected with a high school sweetheart after years and much distance. A nice girl. A girl he fell in love with all over again, but a girl with three kids of her own. Add in my grandson, now there are four children, soon to be five children and another adult that my son is responsible for. My son’s future is what worries me. He has been working so hard and struggling with one child, and now here is taking on the responsibility of three more, and another adult with a baby now on the way.

When he informed me that he is going to be a daddy again, to a little girl in April 2013, I was speechless. Personally, I don’t believe he is ready. With the economy the way it is, raising one child is difficult. I wanted to be happy in that moment. I could not. I saw him working so hard to give his girlfriend and her family everything they needed (and wanted) and saw him being crushed and oblivious to it all.

I saw his challenge grow immediately. His credit rating went downhill after all his hard work to get it to a decent level. His pockets were emptier. He was stuck between hearing me moan and groan about how he is handling life choices and being in love and wanting to make his new family happy – at all costs. I felt he was ‘in’ this alone, and he didn’t care.

I tell him that to be in love, to share a life, means to share everything – including responsibility. I didn’t feel he had that yet, and sometimes still don’t. I saw others being more important rather than the family as a unit. I saw that there was no help, and it concerned me. It still does. He is under a lot of pressure…pressure to keep his family happy. Pressure to keep his family fed, housed, clothed. And then there was the pressure from me.

What? Me pressure him. You bet! Sure he is not in it alone. He does have his girl. But my two cents, whether he wanted to hear it or not was that love don’t pay the bills. One person cannot do this. I know. I struggled with two kids and did have a second (and sometimes third income). They have one. How in the world can you move forward with your life and make sure your children have the life they deserve?

Get another job? He hardly has time to sleep. He is active at work. He is active around the house. He hardly has time for friends. But that is what happens when you have one child, much less five to take care of, and a girlfriend that wants to be happy too. Not everyone understands this. Not everyone is ready to be the responsible one. He does and he is. He doesn’t resent the choices he has made. He struggles. But we all do, don’t we.

So I will worry, but I will never worry if he is ready to be a great father – he already is!

I will continue to watch, and of course, be a proud mom and probably still say things he doesn’t want to hear because he knows I don’t hold back – good or bad – and yet I will be there for him – albeit not as much as I used to. I have to understand that there are two adults in the equation, and I am not one of them. They have to figure it out together – and hopefully they will.

But as the time moves towards the birth of my second grandchild, whom they have named Serenity Jade Kidd, I will add some happiness in there. It won’t be a fake smile. It will be tears of happiness as well as tears of worry. After all, I am his mother. I am the Oma. If I didn’t worry, I would not be a very good at either, would I? And although this is my second grandchild, technically I will now have five – three boys and two girls that will call me Oma. I have my work cut out for me as well.

So yes, I am going to be a Oma again, but I started this  journey being a mom to an awesome son who has made me proud and who I hope knows that his mother loves him beyond all else – even if I seem to be a meddling know it all.

Keep him and his family in your thoughts and wish him luck, will you?










Happy New Year, 2013

2012 for some – for many – may be considered a year of  the bag of angry tricks, the year where we just want to forget everything.

So many affected by fires, storms, and more storms, fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, and violence that when attempting to look back at 2012 in any way other than a big downer, the images are blurred. The good stuff that we may have experienced is so overshadowed, that we are left with nothing more than wanting 2013 to start and for all of us to get further along with rebuilding, memorializing, and just plain moving on.

Although we have had good things – great opportunities, great goals met, great personal and / or financial growth – we won’t remember them as vividly as we remember the images we awoke to at various times of the year.

My hope for 2013 is that the rebuilding can be complete. Whether it is rebuilding your home, your dream, your faith, or your goals, and that as we get closer to 2014, we all have memories of exciting, pleasant, wonderful things, struggles defeated and milestones met.

Happy New Year, 2013

CarolLee Kidd, President
CLK Transcription, Inc.
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Got audio? CLK can do that! Try on-shoring instead, get quality, and save time and money.

CLK Transcription, Inc. is a USA-Based and Operated Transcription Company. We do not offshore any project (whole or part) and we do not use speech recognition software.

We have expertise in all specialties of the medical profession: Oncology, Orthopedics, Hematology, Pediatrics, Infectious disease, Rheumatology, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Radiology, Physiatry, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Chiropractic, Clinical and Acute Care, and more.

We transcribe for journalists, writers and authors covering a wide range of topics; from health, economics, family, ecology, and so much more. We are proud to acknowledge our work with hundreds of ASJA, UPOD, APH, FLX, NASW and other freelance journalists, publishers, and television/movie production companies, having been acknowledged in several best sellers, television show credits, and blogs.

We also have expertise in transcribing multi-speaker seminars, conferences, meetings, telecommunications, and much more. We handle multiple annual and semi-annual conferences for may corporations, and transcribe multiple webinars and tele-seminars for corporations and others so that they may share their work and information with others who may not be able to attend.

We have transcribed IEPs for many parents of special needs children, so they can cut out the ‘he said-she said’ that oftentimes occurs during this process.

Also, consider some of our other services:

  • Voice mail transcription to text message,
  • audio/video conversion to MP3 (cassettes or other digital formats),
  • document scanning to editable database (business cards, receipts, etc. – document adaptable to Quickbooks and Quicken programs, among others),
  • hard copy conversion to word doc,
  • and a call-in system, where you can use your phone to make three-way calls to a cloud and hold your interview from any location – whether you have no equipment with you or your equipment fails (this service is available whether we transcribe your audio or not).
  • FTP Host so you can share your project or specific components with others safely and secure (this service available whether we transcribe your audio or not).

Check out our website and see if there is any service we offer that might help you save time and money. We truly love what we do!
We offer the quality you demand at a cost you can afford. All rates are negotiable to fit your budget. No extra cost for multiple speakers. No extra cost for difficult audio. We consider that part of our job!
Contact us at CarolLee@CLKTranscription.com or visit WWW.CLKTranscription.com for details on how we can assist you with your transcription needs. We are LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/clktranscription where our recommendations can be viewed.


Thank you to @CityofRockHill during Storm cleanup in NEPA

I have been given permission to share this thank you sent to City of Rock Hill SC for their help during aftermath of Sandy.


I believe when someone does something right, it needs to be repeated, over and over again, and support to those businesses, and individuals be given for their help, great service, great customer service, etc.  Thankfully, my friends do as well.  Here what they had to say to a great group of guys!



Subject: thank you for restoring our power in North East PA

Dear Sir,

I wanted to thank your crews who restored the power to me and my neighbors last night here in Tobyhanna, PA.

Your employees were kind, courteous and professional.

Our experience with our power company throughout this ordeal was a nightmare.
After numerous attempts to inform them that the original issue we reported had worsened from tree leaning on wires to tree had taken down wires completely from pole we received a recording that our address had been reported as a tree on the lines. It was like pulling teeth trying to reach a real person and not a recording.

After receiving a message that our power had been restored, (when no one from power company was even here) my son came across your crews who were in our community and explained the situation. Your crews stopped by and I believe made some calls to see if we were on a list. Apparently the new information we and our neighbors relayed to PP&L was NEVER received and was still believed to be a limb on the wires!

Your crews returned shortly and had our power restored within the hour!

Your crews coming down the street in a convoy was a sight for sore eyes.
If it weren’t for YOUR crews stopping to listen to us we would probably still be powerless!

We thank you all so much for your service and hope this nice message reaches the employees who braved the cold windy weather and did an exceptional job!!!!!

Thanks a MILLION!!!!!!!!

Cindy & Joe Rametta Marvin Gardens Tobyhanna, PA
Cindy & Carlo DiPasquale Marvin Gardens Tobyhanna, PA

Like this is you agree – no wait, don’t do that! Or should you?

I cannot say enough how much I dislike picture posts for different Causes telling me to “Like” to show support, etc.  If I like or I think my connections will like, you will know. I will repost, retweet, link – everything I can. It is my choice.

But if you share these posts, have you ever considered the ulterior motive for someone to develop a post that ASKS you to click ‘like’ and share, instead of letting it grow on its own…Not all are bad, but do you really think FB or anyone will actually give money or anything else for any shared picture post on FB or how many likes it has? Don’t you think legitimate people who want you to share would actually have a FB page or web page to ‘Like’ and share instead of an individual post guilting you into sharing with your friends? Or if a post was going to go viral, it will go viral without being asked, won’t it? If forced to go viral, is it really viral, after all?

Sharing or liking posts on any social media site should be your choice because you like it – for one reason or another, or even better, because you know your connections may like the information shared, not because someone told you too for whatever Cause they want to bring awareness to.  Did anyone have to tell you that sharing brings awareness?  Didn’t you know that?

If you want to be social, which by the way is what social media is all about, then you SHOULD share, not just what you like and find informative, but what your connections may find informative or interesting. No Cause should have to ask you too.

BUT can you say worm, hackers, scammer, virus, spammer….ever wonder where your spam email comes from? Did you miss the posts about how your email is attached to your FB page or Twitter handle? Your friends emails and handles are too! How many Twitter DMs have you gotten recently that were annoying spam messages asking you to click a link? It has gotten to the point, where any link I receive, I do not click on. Kind of kills the purpose of informing me of your very valuable information didn’t it?These spam posts and links have ruined it for the legitimate people, don’t you think?

Check out how many of these “Please click like and share” Cause picture posts you have posted, liked, shared (&/or how many your friends have). Now, do you ever wonder how many of your friends have received spam because you gave access to their information by posting one of these and they shared at “your” request?

Safe to say, if you post something and people like it, they will share it. No asking will be needed if you connected to the right people. If what you post is not shared, then it may not be the post, it could very well be the people you connected with. You may just have connected with the wrong people, especially if you find you are sharing their posts, and your posts sit idle.

And if you are on social media, and you don’t share those posts that your connections have shared that are interesting, thoughtful, insightful, or informative – then why are you on social media at all anyway?

The only way to fight spam and other unwanted intrusions, is to begin using social media correctly, and not giving those pests a way inside our computers.If you want to reach more people, post something interesting to your connections. And if you see something interesting – share it – but be careful if the post itself begs you to do so.
Happy networking!





Professional courtesy and why it is important – at least to me.

I find myself everyday, at least once, wondering where the professional courtesy that I grew up understanding has gone.

In listening to colleagues and fellow professionals, I realize this is not a new phenomena.  Everyone has encountered it at least once in their professional lives.

Having general personal courtesy, or the lack of it, is one thing but most professionals do not delve into your personal life.

When dealing with people who have a say in your professional future, and yes, every client or associate has a say in YOUR professional future and livelihood, you must remember professional courtesy, or you will only be remembered for what you didn’t do, not for what you have done. This is true for both the client and the “vendor”. Both sides of the professional working relationship.

So my question is, where has professional courtesy gone?
I am not just talking about answering calls, or replying to emails promptly.

I am talking about communicating with those you are involved in a business relationship with – how is that project coming, was there a delay? Do you need additional tools to complete it?

I am talking about those that apply for a position or project, and then disappear. Do you really think there is no time involved in being prepared for taking the project on?

I am talking about those who receive a completed project and then disregard any invoice for that project.  Do you think your work is more important than the work put into assisting you to getting to the finished product?

I am talking about those who, on either side of a project, feel it is perfectly fine to send correspondence or speak to the other with such foulness, it would make your momma blush.

I am talking about those who receive a service without any feedback, and only when they are reminded months later that they haven’t paid for that service, come up with a reason why they shouldn’t pay.

I am talking about sharing the fact that a job well done was received and sharing accolades when earned.

I am talking about sharing how smooth the transaction was when working with a client / vendor.

I am even bundling in those who receive payment for a project, and then hold checks for months without cashing it. Don’t you know most companies attempt to reconcile their accounts / budgets monthly? Why do you hold that check for so long?


Now, for my observation on why it is important…and that is because they always come back.

Those very same people who disregard professional courtesy at any time during a professional relationship, usually find that very same person or organization that they were so rude to or had such disregard for professional courtesy, are those they end up needing again at one point in their professional future.  Yes. They always come back. They come back for a project or position. They come back for a recommendation. They come back for a referral.

They always come back.

Keep in mind, when you appreciate a job well done, most people, and that includes you, will only mention it once.  But when you have a bad experience, you will repeat that story over and over again.  That includes the lack of professionalism in getting the task done, along with any other issues with the project, which of course could have been avoided with using a little professional courtesy.

So use caution when you decide to throw professional courtesy out the window, it will affect your bottom-line, and when you find your way back, that window may be closed.





CLK Teammate: Army Wife, Mother, Transcriptionist and Tupperware Consultant


My name is Kersten Santoleri and I am a transcriptionist, mom, army wife, and Tupperware Consultant. I love what I do.




Both of my jobs allow me to stay at home with my daughter who is 19.5 months old. So, when there are field exercises, TDY trips, my daughter is sick, or I have a doctor appointment, I can just re-arrange my schedule to fit my personal life. It really is the best thing. Working from home will change your life, it allows me to put my true priorities before all else.




Working for CLK Transcription has been a great opportunity, the staff is awesome, and the hours are your own, it’s a great company to work for.




Working for Tupperware is just an additional way to supplement your income, make some extra cash, meet new people, have fun new parties, etc. You could have the life that you want, and you could start today.




I would love to be your Tupperware Consultant. If you are looking for someone, please contact me.




When you think of Tupperware most people think of the containers that you throw leftovers into, you can get at the dollar store even…Tupperware is so much more than that. We have all the products you can imagine and more.




We have kids products, storage items, containers, bowls, pots, pans, Holiday themed items, cooking utensils, kitchen ware, cutlery, classic cooking ware, bowl sets, and tons more.




Come check us out today. You can host an online party with your friends or you can just order from my online site.



My contact information:
(225) 283-9044
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(Material submitted by K. Santoleri, and edited for format only)

It is always nice to hear that you did a good job! Don’t you think?

Below is a wonderful blurb developed by a client about CLK Transcription. Things like this make my day!
“About CarolLee Streeter Kidd, president of CLK Transcription and her company…You may have worked with numerous transcription companies over the years, but there is only one CarolLee Streeter Kidd. CarolLee is the hardest working woman you will ever meet. She takes personal interest in all of her clients and connects to them in a personal way, on the phone, via phone and Facebook/Twitter. There is not one transcription company out there that will listen to you intently and hold your hand throughout the process, delivering your transcripts exactly the way you need. But CarolLee will! Her commitment to excellence is head and shoulders above the rest. The company has worked with over 500 journalists, authors, ghost writers, scholars, and educators for over 10 years.
Check out CLK’s Brag page to see all the leading corporations, journalists, authors, and others, CLK Transcription has assisted!
CLK provides accurate, timely transcription for whatever your needs are. The company well understands tight deadlines and are happy to accommodate you.”

These words mean more than money to my team and me. We love what we do and are happy to be in a career we trained for, continue to train for, and love! We do have a special place in our heart for the non-medical side of transcription, but we also carry multiple medical accounts as well.

We know how busy our clients are and we understand their budgets and deadlines. We pride ourselves in working with them to master both of those challenges.

We offer the following services, and more:

  • Transcription of audio/video
  • Voice mail transcription
  • Audio conversion – tape to mp3, or other digital to digital formats
  • PDF development / conversion
  • Database development by either typing in your information or direct scan into a workable document
  • Time coding of transcripts for use in televised productions
  • Sorting / categorizing your published / soon to be published work
  • Proofreading drafts for accuracy in spelling and grammar
  • We even offer a call in dictation, for those who have equipment malfunctions or may not be proficient with equipment needed to record and transfer files. This service is available, whether we transcribe the audio or not.

We also like to help you keep costs down, so we offer / accept several methods of transfer, free:

Dropbox, where we share a folder with you rather than you pay the service to accommodate the size of your files.

FTP site, safe, secure, and easy to use. (Some browsers do not support ftp transfers and may require an additional program download (free))

Sendthisfile (size/use limitations)

Yousendit (size/use limitations)

And of course, we accept file transfers via email, and many other online programs, as well.

We also offer a free email through the CLK domain that you may use, password protected, to organize your “junk mail” or for those “sign up” sites that usually clog your professional email in-boxes. This leaves access to you, and no more sorting through the junk and possibly miss that important email you’ve been waiting for.

And for those of you who wish to have a ftp site for your professional needs, other than sending files to CLK, we can set you up through our domain to utilize a folder and share with your contacts, associates, or project manager for a low monthly fee.

Payment for CLK services is easy as well. We itemize your invoice, showing the filename length of audio, and amount charged. We offer several methods of payment (check, money order, Paypal, Dwolla) – and no prepayment is necessary. We invoice twice a month and offer 15 days leeway for you to remit payment for the invoice – which is technically up to 30 days from the time you submit the work to having to submit payment for it. We also offer discounted rates and payment plans for those with the strictest of budgets.

It is easy to communicate with CLK – by phone, via instant message, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email. We are available 24/7 to accept files, and offer extended office hours 7 days a week to assist you personally or walk you through any step of the process. We understand our clients do not have a 9 to 5 day, so we remain here for you.

Lastly, we do love our writers, authors, journalists and freelancers – and we offer discounts throughout the year to members of ASJA, UPOD, NASW, FLX, AHCJ and APH.  We look forward to joining forces with other major organizations as well, and would love to hear from those who may want to utilize our services.

So whether you have interviews, meetings, webinars, seminars, telecasts, broadcasts, books, dairies, IEPs, or even business cards and recipes you would like to have transcribed, organized, or converted – find out how we will save you time and money, visit us today – www.clktranscription.com – Where we are not professional bloggers – we are transcriptionists!

Come and join us on the various social media sites – we love to share your work and promote the great writers of today and tomorrow.

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Why I work with newbies…they all have a story and it ends with a desire to do the job.

I first started utilizing “newbies”, because I found that they are the ones who have spent thousands of dollars to get the education to do the job, only to find it difficult to find the work (without of course the usual two to five-year minimum experience) because so much of our work was being off shored.

I taught transcription courses for a local vo-tech and worked with many schools on the east coast and found that what they were teaching was barely enough to even consider calling the graduates typists, much less transcriptionists.Some didn’t even explain how to load files into a player, or even how to market themselves for a position with a company or private work.

I also found that the newbie was unspoiled by the usual ‘stuff’ those in the business have come to use as a crutch of sorts – speech recognition, hot keys – shortcuts. I don’t believe in such things because nothing beats the human ear, and no one ever speaks the same words in the same manner or with the same tone, every time they say them. Those shortcuts could cause major errors. I don’t use shortcuts – I use skill.

For over 8 years now, I have brought on and worked with the newbie who has had everything from years of school to a few weeks of transcription experience, and found that they can be the best and most dedicated workers out there with a little extra work on my part – yet no one wants to take the time to work with them.
Why won’t they work with them? They have spent literally thousands of dollars to get what they were told was the education to do the job. They have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get the equipment they need to do the job. They have the desire to learn the job and do the best they can. They still want to do the job and want to learn all they can after their own research shows them what a painfully stressful job it can be. They still want the job when all they hear from others in the field is how horrible the job can be and how difficult it is to make a living doing transcription.

Why not work with them?

My guess is that it is that because they are newbies, they can place unreasonable experience requirements on them so that they (the larger transcription companies) can continue to off shore the transcription projects they handle. Most larger companies off shore their work without ever telling their clients they actually do. They hide the information on their website, will even say they do not offshore, but have ‘branches’ or ‘satellite’ offices in the Philippines, India, or Mexico. They off shore even though there are skilled and educated people, or those who want to be trained, ready and willing to work right here in the US.

So why do I work with newbies?

In addition to the dedication and desire I mentioned above, here is what I found in working with the newbie:

They are mostly single moms, women taking care of a disabled family member, disabled themselves trying to supplement their income, widows and widowers, battered women trying to start over, a college student trying to ease the financial burden on their parents (and themselves). They are the wife of a service member trying to make whatever they can while their spouse is deployed, an at-home mother working to ease the financial crunch of the household, women battling  cancer, Lupus, or other illnesses – all who need work just as much, if not more than their desire to work.


For those reasons alone, I am proud to work with newbies. They not only want it, they need it. I would rather take the time to train the newbies, and allow them to be the best they can be, to earn the extra they need to get by (and hopefully more than), to help them free themselves from some of the stresses of their lives. For those reasons, I would rather work with a newbie than to consider off-shoring any work off shore.


Sure, I may not ever have free time for that yearly vacation because I have to put a little extra time (okay a lot of extra time) working with the newbies to get them to the point where they are no longer considered newbies, and I may get frustrated with the additional concerns newbies have when starting a new venture, but I know that I have helped a family, while building a kick ass team I like to call the CLK family.

They are all independent contractors, I am their client, and in addition to training them in the art of transcription, they gain the experience of running their own “company” from billing to taxes to finding ways to save on the programs and devices they need to ‘run’ their business, to how to market themselves and bring even more work back here to the US from the companies off shore. Some of my team have other jobs, some have many other clients, but all are respected for the work they do for CLK.

I started this company with a few “seasoned” transcriptionists and a handful of newbies who have now become the backbone of the CLK Team, and have seen that team grow with additional newbies over the years who have gone through rigorous training, quality assurance checks, and the guidance of the team. Not all make it, but those that stick it out are transcriptionists who love what they do and they do it with love.


To my team at CLK, whether you have been with me ten years or ten hours – Thank You for the work you do. Thank you for the patience you have with me and my quirks. Thank you for your best – that is all I ask. Thank you for helping me make CLK Transcription the best we can be!

Happy Labor Day 2012.


If you would like more information on the services CLK Transcription has to offer – from interview, meeting, IEP, scholastic transcription, voice mail transcription, audio conversion, call in dictation, hard copy conversion, database development, and more – contact carollee@clktranscription.com or visit us at www.clktranscription.com.


We have been noted in multiple best sellers and TV programs, and work with freelancers, authors, production companies, publishers, corporations, and scholars to complete their project timely, with quality at a cost they can afford.


If you are interested in a career in transcription, please forward why you chose this profession and a little bit about yourself to transcription@clktranscription.com. (No resumes and no phone calls, please)












Happy Summer. What are you doing to enjoy it?

I realized it has been some time since I blogged, and many may actually be happy to know that since I do read better than I write, but still, a post should be made – at least that’s what the pros tell me.

So, here it goes.


What are you doing to enjoy the summer?


Whether you are spending it with family at home, away on vacation, taking care of the pesky outside household chores, or just counting down the days before school is back in – we want to know. We enjoy knowing that assisting with your transcription needs, allows you more time and money to enjoy those moments that make you happy. What have you been able to do, that transcribing your own documents would have interfered with?


Here at CLK Transcription, we are tag teaming the vacation time, so that we can enjoy the summer and still be here for your project. We love the summer projects and we love knowing we can help you love your summer that much more.


The team takes our moments to do things like fishing on Sunday, dance classes on Monday, soccer and football on Tuesday, movie matinée on Wednesday, shopping on Thursday, bingo on Friday, and pool time on Saturday – we remain open 7 days a week to assist with your project, so you can enjoy whatever it is you are looking forward to doing as well.


Don’t let the work interfere with your fun. CLK Transcription can handle your audio transcription, audio/video conversions, transcription time coding, hard copy conversions, PDF development, document scanning, and much more.


Have a happy, fun-filled summer, with lots of smiles, laughter, and activity, and don’t forget to share your favorite moments of the summer with us.



Feel free to check us out on Facebook as well – http://www.facebook.com/CLKTrans